Optimse your sleep!

This time, I’m to discuss one of the most needed aspects of our lifestyle, which we call Sleeping. You must have heard much calculation regarding the time we spend doing different tasks in whole life. See this for more information. What we call sleep is some action needed to ensure physical rest. suppose you are […]

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Solution to outdated Education System.

Hello everyone, you must have heard statement (dated 26/02/18) by Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder that Indians lack creativity. he must have experienced something which resulted in this statement. moreover, his statement is correct upto Indians lack something, and I’m here to clarify that something is not “creativity”. here is the one of the awesome reply […]

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FOOD 1.0

Hello everyone, Today I will talk about ‘what is food?‘ Whenever someone says anything about food and it’s source, they unknowingly talk about its importance in terms of nutrition and taste. well, if you look at the history of homo sapiens, you will get to know that we were hunters by profession and got civilized […]

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